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Learn-hiragana-katakana.com is an online learning community offering free games for japanese alphabet symbols like hiragana, katakana and kanji as well. Our free japanese alphabet games are custom made for everyone who loves to learn the alphabet in japanese. This site also offer lessons on how to speak nihongo or the Japanese language. You may also find tons of english japanese vocabulary, Japanese phrases, commonly used japanese greetings, daily expressions, knowing the day of the week, month, year (date), counting numbers, reading japanese time (O'clock). We just hope that you will enjoy learning & playing the japanese alphabet characters.

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japanese alphabet typing game katakana
japanese alphabet typing game hiragana
Japanese Hiragana Reviewer
Japanese Katakana Reviewer
Complete Japanese Hiragana Reviewer
Complete Japanese Katakana Reviewer
Japanese Kanji Numbers Advance
Japanese Kanji Numbers 1-100
Japanese Kanji Numbers 1-100

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